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What is the DPLN?

The DPLN is a resident led project to make routes to parks, green spaces and schools healthier, safer and traffic free. It is a collaboration with Lewisham Council and Sustrans, the walking & cycling charity, with the £2.9m funding coming from Transport for London

Since being awarded the funding in 2017 a range of engagement events and activities have taken place across the area.

Based on feedback from the events plans were drawn up, ideas collated and then consulted on.

There was overwhelming support for the project from local residents.

Prince Street

Prince Street was a rat run. A narrow street full of parked cars. Passing vehicles, vans and lorries would mount the pavement causing accidents and damage to property.

So, residents campaigned to close it to cars prioritising pedestrians and cyclists.

Lewisham Council officers alongside Lewisham Council Cabinet members supported the idea and in September the road was closed for a six month trial period.

It has changed the area. Vehicles no longer race through the streets. The pub in the street, the Dog & Bell, have embraced it fully as have residents of the area.

If you would like to support the trial please email Lewisham Council HERE making sure to include your name and postcode.

Picture: Dog & Bell Pickle Festival 16 November 2019

Rolt Street

The section of Rolt Street that runs alongside Folkestone Gardens from the railway arches to where the cafe, Festa sul Prato, sits has become a car park. Now that it is a one-way street it is no longer a rat run. 

In 2017 DeptfordFolk worked with Lewisham Council and Sustrans on a street design workshop. We closed the road temporarily and asked children from the local school Sir Francis Drake what they would like to see it this area.

The proposal is to pedestrianise the road creating a larger park and safe, traffic free space for all to enjoy.

Picture: Rolt Street temporary closure & engagement

Scawen Road

The section of Scawen Road that runs from Grinstead Road outside Sir Francis Drake School is full of cars and pollution.

The proposal is to close the road to cars and create a play street so that kids and parents can congregate and play safely as well as improve air quality around the school. In addition it will provide safe access to Deptford Park. 


At some point 200+ homes will be built on the brownfield site opposite the school. A crossing will be built to provide safe access to Folkestone Gardens from Deptford Park. 

in 2018, as part of the engagement activities Lewisham Council temporarily closed Scawen Road to great success.

Picture: Scawen Road temporary closure & engagement

Canal Approach

The Surrey Canal used to run under the Blackhorse Bridge into a pool where the new Timberyard development (2,500 homes) is now being built. 

Canal Approach, the old tow path, extends from Evelyn Street to Folkestone Gardens where is joins Surrey Canal Road. It has been closed to the public for sometime despite being a right of way

The proposal is to re-open a safe walking & cycling route connecting green spaces. It will link Cycleway 4 and Cycleway 1 and provide a traffic free route between our parks.

Picture: The former canal road bridge, Canal Approach.

Woodpecker Road

During 2019 Sustrans ran a number of workshops and engagement events along Woodpecker Road, a pedestrianised walkway between Folkestone Gardens and Fordham Park. It is a fly-tipping hotspot.

The proposals include seating, play equipment and planters to make the space more inviting, safer and greener.

There also changes to the crossing on Stanford Street into Fordham Park.

Picture: Woodpecker Road engagement events

Other Ideas...

In line with the Healthy Streets programme, which is part of TfL policy, Lewisham Council are proposing a number of other interventions to make the streets around our parks safer.


These include continuous footways and more secure bike storage.

If you want a secure bike hanger on your street or estate make sure you submit your request HERE