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DeptfordFolk Meetings & Newsletters

DeptfordFolk is a constituted park user group established in 2015 to represent Deptford Park & Folkestone Gardens, London SE8. We hold four public meetings per year (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter). Our AGM coincides with our Spring meeting and all minutes and reports are published online. If you want to stay up to date you can join our mailing list and follow us on twitter, Facebook and instagram. Previous DeptfordFolk newsletters are available here. Get in touch via email

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Winter 2018 Meeting

Autumn 2018 Meeting

Summer 2018 Meeting

Spring 2018 AGM & Meeting​


Winter 2016 Meeting

Autumn 2016 Meeting

Summer 2016 Meeting

Spring 2016 AGM & Meeting


Winter 2018 IGM & Meeting

DeptfordFolk in the News

News Shopper

December 9th 2019

Article on the impact of Rotherhithe Movement Plan Click Here

News Shopper

November 20th 2019

Article on Deptford Parks Liveable Neigbourhood Click Here

The Lewisham Ledger

August/September 2018 

Feature on DeptfordFolk in Deptford Special Edition P36. Click Here

South London Press

August 10th 2018 

Article on DeptfordFolk campaign to protect The Arches Click Here

South London Press

April 27th 2018 

Article on New metal tree supports for Evelyn's Mulberry Click Here

East London Lines

November 28th 2017 

DeptfordFolk awarded Mayor's community award Click Here

East London Lines

November 20th 2017 

DeptfordFolk's Evelyn200 project. Tree number One Click Here

News Shopper

September 12th 2017 

DeptfordFolk's Campaign to save The Lord Palmerston pub is a success! Click Here

News Shopper

September 12th 2017 

DeptfordFolk nominate Evelyn's mulberry for Tree of the Year. Click Here

News Shopper

July 18th 2017 

The start of DeptfordFolk's Campaign to save local pub.! Click Here

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